Classic Bespoke Beauty is the sole provider of Swissdermyl in Whiteley


Swissdermyl is one of the worlds finest premium professional skincare ranges from Switzerland that has the benefit of over 50 year of development


All products contain active plant ingredients and have excellent and effective results with products reaching the bottom of the Epidermis, providing cell regeneration


Swissdermyl feeds moisture and key nutrients into the skin in a way that aids natural development solving problem areas and  assisting with the signs of ageing



Bespoke Facial
£ 45    40mins 

The skin is cleansed, toned and exfoliated and a specific cream mask is selected for your current skin needs followed by an eye serum and moisturiser

Green Natural Clay with Burdock & Hazelnut Oil extract for deep cleansing, drawing out impurities reducing oil production leaving skin revitalised and remineralised

Marine for calming stressed skin, sunburnt skin, psorasis, reducing redness, full of collagen extracts and enzyme complexes making the skin firmer and stimulating cell renewal

Nourishing for dry skin rich in Vitamin C, A and plant extracts will improve collagen, slowing down the signs of ageing and allows the skin to be firmer, radiant and fresher. Contains orange,aloe & maceademia oils

Phyto Mask Facial
£ 50  60mins

The skin is cleansed, toned and exfoliated and massaged with a specific complex using essential oils followed by a seaweed flexible mask which will protect, moisturise and nourish to leave a smooth yet supple skin which is plump to touch

Camomile, Orange & Lavender oils - An anti-inflammatory with antiseptic ingredients ideal for sensitive skin, rosacea  or for reducing any redness

Carrot, Basil, Geranium & Orange oils - Has an immediate effect on fine lines or wrinkles stimulating the renewal of the Epidermis promoting collagen, elastin and toning

Oregano, Rosemary, & Jasmine oils - Nourishes, soothes and reconstructs skin intensively moisturising the Epidermis reducing tightness with skin feeling more flexible

Neck & Shoulder Massage  £10


A neck and shoulder massage with appropriate oils can take place whilst the mask is setting

Retail Products


Swissdermyl products are available and can be purchased at the salon. It is important to maintain your skin at home and to continue looking after your skin in between facials for optimum results. All products are pure and highly concentrated delivering great results


Gentle Cleanser 200ml   £ 25

Gentle Toner 200ml   £ 25

Eye Makeup Remover 200ml   £ 25

Bio Gel Face Wash 150ml   £25

Enzyme Peel  50 ml   £36

1st Wrinkle Day Protection 50 ml   £57

1st Wrinkle Night Protection Recovery 50ml   £63

Firming Cream 50ml   £57

Hydro Sensitive Cream 50ml   £57

Firming Serum 30ml   £52

Sensitive Serum 30ml   £52

Cream Green Clay Mask 50ml   £36

Cream Marine Mask 50ml   £36

Intensive Care Eyezone Serum  £52